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Modularmapper is a multi-sided property development platform designed to automate the process of building modular buildings.
Define your site
Simply outline your site or search available land in our database. Using public sector data, discover policy conflicts, flood risks, site usage and more.
Select a product
Select a housing product from a marketplace of curated and tightly integrated manufactuers. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure supply meets demand.
Mass your development
Create your own or select from a list of optimal massings generated from our AI systems. Our advanced GAN AI is trained on thousands of housing developments helping to maximise capacity while also meeting local policy
Review and submit an application
Instantly receive a feasibility document for your development and a selection of finance options. If you are happy we will generate a planning application and submit it on your behalf
Build & hand-over
Once your application has been accepted, our systems and dedicated team of professionals will project manage your development.
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